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How to Stay Productive and Focused at this Time

How to Stay Productive and Focused at this Time
March 31, 2020 Ronin Marketing

The majority of people across the country are currently at home and in some form of isolation right now. As easy as it may be to sink into an eating-cold-pizza-in-your-undies depression, we all need to remain productive and focused during this time. Why? For the sake of our sanity.

Below are 5 of the most practical and effective ways to maintain your motivation for the foreseeable future:

Make your bed

Make sure every morning, after you get up, you make your bed. Without even realising it, this will help you to kickstart your day with a sense of purpose and organisation. What’s more, it’s important when you’re spending so much time at home, your space doesn’t feel cluttered or messy, because this will have a big impact on your ability to focus and your brain will end up just as jumbled up as your bed sheets and pillows!

Establish a morning routine

So, if you’re currently spending your days in self-isolation, chances are you aren’t getting up every morning and putting on a suit or curling your hair and doing your make up the same way you might if you were heading into the office (though if you are, major props to you!). However, your morning routine can be something as simple as having a shower and brushing your teeth. Establish a routine and stick to it. This will help to set a clear boundary between your downtime in the evenings and your productive day time.

Get up and stretch

This might sound slightly arbitrary and we’re sure you’ve seen this advice before now. But let us explain why this is so crucial. During your average day, you get so much more exercise than you probably ever realise, from walking to the train station to heading out and grabbing a coffee to popping up to see Mark in accounting for a signature on a document (we’re not sure exactly who Mark in accounting is but you get our point) and everything in between.

Now, if you’re in self-isolation or working from home, your body is suddenly being deprived of all this movement and activity. You’ll likely start to feel your body becoming stiff and you’ll start to develop aches. Instead, look after yourself and get up to stretch every hour or two or even pull up a 10 minute tutorial on YouTube for an at-home workout, there are heaps of them!

Limit exposure to social media and news

Nobody can remain focused and productive when you constantly have the tv on in the background with sensationalist television presenters constantly declaring the world is going to end. We aren’t by any means trying to diminish the global health crisis which is currently taking place, in fact, we encourage everyone to take this situation seriously. However, it’s also important you don’t allow thoughts of Coronavirus to pervade every waking minute of your day and take over your life otherwise you’ll never get anything done, not to mention the impact it will likely have on your mental health.

Check for updates twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening, to make sure you’re keeping yourself informed and ensure your updates are coming from credible and reliable sources AKA not Donald Trump on Twitter- or anyone on any social media platform for that matter. Although we fully encourage you to embrace social media for the viewing of feel-good and funny memes.

Upskill yourself

One silver lining to come out of this situation is the free time we now have to focus on our selves and our personal development. Think of that guitar that’s sitting in the corner of your room you never got around to actually playing, or that language you wanted to learn but couldn’t quite squeeze classes into your schedule, or perhaps that online course that looked really interesting but you never had time for. NOW IS THE TIME. You can either come out the other side of these challenging times feeling demotivated and directionless OR you can come out the other side as a better, stronger and more skilled version of yourself. We know which option we’re picking.

At Ronin Marketing, our team are all currently working from home and determined to remain upbeat and productive while doing it. In order to stay sane, we’re focused on coming up with ways to serve our clients that are more innovative and creative than ever before. If you would like our help in navigating your business through these challenging times using digital marketing, pick up the phone and get in touch with us today!

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