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How To Kick Arse In Your Downtime

How To Kick Arse In Your Downtime
February 15, 2019 Clare

Are you someone who thinks that downtime is a waste of time? Can’t keep still for more than five seconds?

You aren’t the only one. But downtime is essential to the success of your business, the effectiveness of your ideas and your general wellbeing.

Downtime doesn’t have to mean reading a book with a cup of tea or taking a long soak in the bath. It can take the form of hiking mountains, going for a jog, ziplining, jumping out of aeroplanes and building a boat. Downtime can be highly productive and exciting while still giving your brain the break it needs for you to return to work rejuvenated and ready to tackle new challenges. In fact, you can most definitely kick arse during your downtime. But where to start? Think about the things that you’ve always wanted to do but have never gotten around to trying. It’s time to make them a priority. We’ve compiled a list of kick-arse activity suggestions, which we hope will help you to become the master of your downtime.

Get a pilot’s licence

Use your downtime wisely, doing whatever helps you to destress. Ronin can assist you to make more productive use of your downtime by taking care of your digital marketing needs.

What’s stopping you from taking to the air? Flying lessons are far more accessible than people realise. And contrary to popular belief, wearing glasses will rarely hold you back from obtaining a pilot’s licence. PathFinder Aviation offers introductory and ongoing courses for budding pilots, right here in Brisbane, at affordable prices. You don’t need to have any experience whatsoever to book your first introductory lesson. Just an eagerness to feel the thrill of the wheels leaving the tarmac and hear the roar of the air flying past!

Learn Kendo

If heights make you giddy, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and expertly balanced by learning the art of Kendo. What’s Kendo? It’s a traditional Japanese martial art focusing on swordsmanship. In Kendo, you will be using a bamboo sword called a shinai, so don’t worry about accidentally beheading someone. Training can be quite rigorous but also invigorating, providing you with better control over your movements and body. You can fulfil your samurai dreams and learn Kendo in Brisbane at Ken Shin Kai.

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Go motor racing

Use your downtime wisely, doing whatever helps you to destress. Ronin can assist you to make more productive use of your downtime by taking care of your digital marketing needs.

Put your foot on the pedal and get the adrenaline pumping with some high-speed motorsports action! If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be The Stig, there’s an opportunity knocking at your door. CAMS (The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport) frequently host ‘come and try’ days all around Australia. This includes Brisbane, where you can try your hand at khanacross, autocross, motorkhana, drift training and rallying. Check out the CAMS website to see upcoming events and fulfil your dreams of literally putting the pedal to the metal.

Take a hike

Prefer to travel on your own two feet rather than in a performance car? Grab your billycan and your swag because it’s time to go full Mountain Man. After a long working week, becoming lost in nature may be the perfect cure to a head full of reports, proposals, deals and discussions. Suss out a few of the large nature reserves around your area for a one or two day hike suited to your fitness level. Just make sure you switch that bloody phone off – checking of emails is strictly prohibited! If tramping through the bush with little purpose other than soaking in the scenery isn’t much to your taste, you could opt for climbing a particularly challenging mountain with a superb view at the top, or get on your mountain bike for a more adrenaline-pumping approach to downtime. Whatever you choose, you’re still staying fit and exploring a new area. Kicking arse? We think so.

Get hands on

Remember hobbies? It’s time to get back into them. Find your passion project and immerse yourself weekly, maybe even daily. It might be restoring an old car, woodworking, tinkering with electronics, building a cubby house for the kids or blacksmithing. If you work in an office and spend most of your day staring at a computer screen, doing something with your hands may be the best option. Creating something tangible and useful in your downtime will leave you with a strong sense of accomplishment and something bloody awesome that you can use day-to-day, like a medieval sword or a handmade dining table.

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Impart some knowledge

Lacking in community spirit? Missing team pride? Perhaps it’s time to reconnect with the locals in your area. It’s a productive use of your downtime and can be a very socially and culturally enriching experience. Look into roles such as becoming a leader at your local Scouts hall, offering to teach a skill at a summer camp, umpiring or even coaching a district team sport. Alternatively, you could look into mentoring and imparting the wisdom you’ve picked up over the years. There are many big brother programs throughout Australia (no, we don’t mean that reality TV show) that aim to pair knowledgeable professionals with young adults interested in a similar field. Preparing the next generation to go for their dreams is probably one of the most kick-arse things you can do.

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