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How to Capture an Audience with a Lower Attention Span Than a Goldfish

How to Capture an Audience with a Lower Attention Span Than a Goldfish
December 6, 2017 Ronin Marketing

The average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds down to eight – one second lower than that of a goldfish. Congratulations.

It’s not surprising, really. In today’s fast-paced digital age, our feeds are a constant flicker of information, images and videos. Of course this is going to have an impact on our attention spans.

Think about it – when was the last time you made it the entire way through a news article? I don’t mean skim read either. I mean read every sentence, right through to the end, and take it all in. Now think about how many 5-second funny cat videos you watched today. And it isn’t just millennials that are scrolling through social media feeds faster than they tie their shoelaces, skipping songs before they hit the chorus, and job hopping like there’s no tomorrow. Anyone constantly exposed to a smartphone is doing the same thing.

So how is your business supposed to keep up?

Being willing to adapt to the changing digital environment is a given, but we go over a few of the key considerations that will help further your brand online.

Quick, snappy content is key.

Creating content that people will stop and click on is the key to your business’ success. We’re talking snappy, attention grabbing copy, captivating images and strategically placed calls to action.

The mantra is often ‘less is best,’ however, it’s also important to consider that the longer people stay on your page, post or video, the higher you’ll rank or the more often you’ll be seen on many social media platforms, depending on their algorithm. For example, the longer a user spends on your post on Instagram, the more likely you are to appear again in their feed. The trick? Knowing what type of content suits which kind of digital platform. Oh, and knowing the ins and outs of how to get the most widespread attention on those platforms!

Spread yourself across a variety of platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest… there are so many platforms readily available to businesses these days. All of which are practically begging you to publish your content on them!

Having a diverse social media presence is crucial for businesses, especially when starting out with little-to-no brand recognition. You never know when any of these social networks are going to change the rules or lose their popularity either, so it’s a smart idea not to put all of your eggs in one basket.

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But, know which platforms will result in real leads.

While it’s important to be as active on social media as possible, it’s equally as important to know which channels your target audience is on. There’s going to be a lot more value in selling turf machinery on linkedin over pinterest, whereas a pet resort is probably going to attract the most followers on Instagram (#doglovers).

Thinking about your target market’s interests is the first step in finding where they congregate online, and how to best reach out to them. Then comes the task of analysing what your audience wants, what time of day you’re most likely to find them online, and how long they’ll spend reading or viewing your content.

(And by the way, if you’ve made it this far, well done – you beat the goldfish.)

Where we come in…

Is all of this starting to sound a little overwhelming and time consuming? Catering to an audience with short attention spans is tough! You have to grab them in the first flicker of their eyes or they’re gone. Not to mention, coming up with captivating, short and snappy content can be a real brain buster.

But the good news is that we can help! The team at Ronin have a ton of experience in creating attention grabbing, social media savvy content. We know how social media platforms operate, and can find where your business will fit in best to gain the most attention. We love finding the most profitable way to market your brand, designing beautiful content that fits your aesthetic but also makes people stop, think and click. Contact us today and rest assured that your online presence will attract the right audience, no matter how short their attention spans are.