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Has Fast Business Growth Left Your Customer Relationship Exposed?

Has Fast Business Growth Left Your Customer Relationship Exposed?
September 21, 2018 Ronin Marketing

Your business is growing at a rapid rate. Maybe you’ve just opened a new store on the other side of the city, or you’re getting smashed with so many sales you can’t find staff to keep up.

Times are good, but have you thought about ensuring your business can handle fast growth and the risk which comes with it? At Ronin, we often see companies which experience expedited growth but who have let their digital marketing aspects fall by the wayside. Eventually, when times turn rocky, these shortfalls catch up to them. Here’s how to make sure your success doesn’t become a risk.

What are your company’s most important assets?

When we pose this question to businesses, their immediate response tends to be their finances, their products, or their equipment. But what would a company be without its customers? A loyal and growing customer base is an asset that no business can ignore. However, when you are experiencing profitable growth, and your customer base seems to be growing organically, many companies forget the fact that this might not always be so. A once loyal and enthusiastic customer base might switch over to a rival upstart. Trends may change, or new digital technologies might make your visibility drop. In a short time, a lack of marketing planning has caught up with you.

How to keep things running smoothly

Your customers are the backbone of your business. Neglecting an ongoing relationship with them during a growth period is a mistake many companies fall into, and this can lead to losing them when fortunes change. This why it is essential to ensure during times of business growth, you continue to build your relationship with customers. By enhancing your engagement, expanding your digital reach, and strengthening your authority, you can ensure this relationship remains in both the boom and bust times.

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Don’t have the time to do this?

Managing a marketing plan is tough. There are a thousand things you need to keep on top of and consider. Doing marketing by yourself is even more difficult if you are already facing problems reaching potential customers. Gaining the marketing advice of an experienced team is invaluable. At Ronin, we have a range of experience working with businesses of all types, managing their marketing and helping them realise their customer engagement goals.

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Managing your risk

Ronin can help you put together and execute a marketing plan, to promote your brand growth and expand your reach. We recognise the difficulties of planning and running a marketing strategy. With our help though, your relationship with customers will grow through good times and challenging times. We can manage your digital marketing to compliment your growth, improve your website, and help maintain your social media to solidify customer engagement.

Contact Ronin today for expert digital marketing advice and rest assured that all of your customer engagement will be in good hands.

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