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Graphic Design: More Than Just a Pretty Picture

Graphic Design: More Than Just a Pretty Picture
July 17, 2017 Erica

Ah so you’re a graphic designer, do you just make logos and stuff? Oh! You’re a graphic designer! What font should I use for…

What does a graphic designer do?

There have been countless instances where I have been asked the above by friends, family and even strangers. Now don’t get me wrong, as a designer I am obsessed with colour, have a love for all things type and swoon over a well thought out logo. But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg; there is so much more to graphic design than simply making things look good.

The fundamentals of design

Let’s start with the bread and butter of what design is.

Design is a process of problem solving. To overcome any problem, a designer must acknowledge past and present social conditions, events and meanings to produce an effective outcome. With graphic design, it is all about visually communicating these social and cultural cues to connect with the audience.

Our Approach

Here at Ronin clients come to us with the desire to grow and expand their businesses. We approach this collaboratively, with our design team working right from the start to strategise the best way to communicate to our client’s audiences. See below for a look at how we have overcome problems with more than just a pretty picture.

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BodyViva is a new physiotherapy clinic, with a strong focus on how a holistic approach to health can achieve a life free of pain. Many people find themselves looking for a quick fix when they need to be investing in a long-term solution that actually works. So how do you make people skip the easy way out and focus on what’s best for them in the long run?

Answer: It’s all about how they will feel

We looked at “why” BodyViva was offering these services as opposed to “what” they offered. We embraced ideas of movement, freedom and vibrancy to guide the visual language of BodyViva. This creates an emotional connection with the target market as it resonates with how they want to feel.

BodyViva Branding

Financial Mappers

Financial Mappers offers an interactive modelling tool for people to map out their financial strategies and help them reach their goals. Planning personal finances can often be overwhelming for the average person, so we needed to make Financial Mappers appear as approachable as possible.

In contrast to the serious nature of the finance world, we tackled the brief in a playful way. As Financial Mappers provides a way to map out financial strategies, we used the metaphor of a map to engage with the audience. On the homepage of the Financial Mappers website you are immediately positioned behind the wheel of a car, looking down a winding road, along with the supporting text “Your finances are a journey, reach the destination you want.” This visually and mentally pulls you into the website, leaving you wanting to know more, as opposed to flinching away at the mention of finances.

Financial Mappers Website Design


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