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Gorgeous Instagram Feeds You Have To Follow Today!

Gorgeous Instagram Feeds You Have To Follow Today!
December 20, 2017 Ronin Marketing

If you’re doing it right, Instagram can be a smorgasbord of beauty and inspiration.

This is owing to the fact that many users have perfected the art of ‘feed composition’. If you’re doing it wrong, it’s okay, I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of my personal favourite Instagram feeds that are sure to stop you scrolling.

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Jasmine Dowling

I went to uni with Jasmine, back when she had a mere few thousand followers and her hand-lettering was in its early stages. Now, with almost 200,000 followers and partnerships with major brands like Clinique and Nespresso, she has proven how a well-crafted Instagram can boost your image and business. And well-crafted it is – her colour palette is feminine and gorgeous, the lighting is always elegant, and her compositions are always on point.

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Instagram Accounts to Follow Vipp


I discovered Vipp, a Scandinavian industrial design brand, after coming across their Vipp Shelter: a gorgeous and tiny home. I fell in love with their minimal Scandi style, showcased perfectly by the interesting angles and lighting used in their photography. Definitely a must-follow for anyone needing some interior design inspiration!

Instagram Accounts to Follow Vipp

Ramin Nasibov

Ramin Nasibov is a designer and art director in Berlin. His feed showcases his logo designs, but what I love most about it are the dreamy gradients that he regularly superimposes behind various scenery. It’s a pleasure to scroll through your feed to find one of his characteristic pastels in the mix – I can always tell it’s him.

Instagram Accounts to Follow Ceramic House

The Ceramic House

A local Brisbane business, The Ceramic House is a recent addition to the trendy Newstead area. They only opened in April of this year, and already they’ve attracted quite an Instagram following, owing to their captivating process videos and stunning shots of their studio, customers, and finished products. I can definitely admit to watching their process videos over and over again!

What all these feeds have in common is an excellent eye for detail, a consistent colour scheme, and photography that makes you stop long enough to go ‘wow’. Clearly, if you can perfect the art of Instagram, you can create a positive and memorable impression for a wide audience.