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Google Posts for Local Business: Just Another News Feed?

Google Posts for Local Business: Just Another News Feed?
February 1, 2018 James

Google recently released ‘Posts on Google’, another newsfeed competing for your attention. But what is it, and should you create one?

What is a Google Post?

Google Posts have been around for awhile. You might have already seen them while searching on your mobile phone. What’s new is they’re now available to any business with a Google MyBusiness listing. This is great news for all local businesses.

A Google Post is a short post underneath your Google MyBusiness listing. They appear when someone searches for your business, and automatically expire after seven days or after an event has passed. They include:

  • A video, image or gif,
  • a short description, and
  • a link or call to action.

How can local businesses use Google Posts?

You can use Google Posts any number of ways. They have in-built call-to-actions of ‘Reserve’, ‘Sign Up’, ‘Buy’, and ‘Get Offer’. Or you can create in-text links to drive traffic to specific content.
This makes them great for:

  • Announcing new products:
    “Just in: The All-New ‘Mamma’s Favourite’ Tomato Sauce.”
  • Promoting a current sale:
    “This Saturday Only: 2 for 1 Glazed Donuts. Be Quick, Limited Stock.”
  • Launch an event:
    “Workshop: Wear This Season’s Fashion with Style and Flair. Reserve a Seat Now.”
  • Share great news:
    “Bob’s Green Grocers Announced as Brisbane’s Best Local Produce.”

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Where do google posts show?

Google Posts show up when someone searches for your business. They are created using Google MyBusiness and display underneath your business listing details.


On a mobile, Posts will generally show up underneath your listing.

Ronin Mobile The Henry Ford


On the Boston Red Sox page, it’s a little further down, and this will change depending on your listing details.

Ronin Desktop Red Sox

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Google Posts vs Facebook and Twitter

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Oh no, now I have yet another thing I have to do”. But let’s take a moment to think about the positives.

  • It’s free.
  • It’s quick and easy to post.
  • It can help you sell more products.

Google Posts will have their space alongside all other social platforms. The skill to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each platform will help you prioritise which to use when. Here are some of the subtle differences between the platforms:
Twitter posts have proven excellent for up-to-the-minute updates, and get most of their engagement in the first hour. In a very similar way to Google Posts, Google will also show them in the search results. This makes them great for sharing news and offers, but you might need to post multiple times a day to reach everyone.

Facebook is the mainstay of local businesses everywhere. Your posts will last longer in your newsfeed than Twitter, getting reactions for days instead of hours. Here, however, you’re in their social feed; you want to make sure not all posts are about you. You never want to be ‘that guy’ who only talks about himself, because you’ll quickly be ignored.
Google Posts is a newsfeed that lasts for up to 7 days. In contrast to Facebook, it’s seen only whenever someone searches for your business, so you can assume they’re already interested in your product. Here you can more openly promote an action you want them to take, or news you want them to know. For a local business, your top post is one extra moment to win a new customer.

Should you start using Google Posts?

Absolutely, yes – especially now while few of your competitors will be using it. At least give it a go. It costs you nothing, and you have everything to gain!