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Google Apps You Aren't Taking Advantage Of

Google Apps You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of
March 15, 2018 Ronin Marketing

At Ronin, we always say “we’ve sold our souls to Google”, and that’s because we use Google Applications for pretty much everything.

Scratch that. We survive off of Google Applications – our office wouldn’t be as productive or successful without them! From emails to documents, scheduling meetings, calling clients, saving files and preparing reports, every member of our team uses these apps to get their jobs done. Here are just a few worth trying out.


Google’s email service is an extremely popular product, second only to the company’s iconic search bar. Gmail offers an amazing amount of features and add-ons, including filters that enable you to organise your inbox more effectively, keyboard shortcuts, canned responses, delegation for personal assistants, and so much more. The best part? Instead of using an email program, Gmail makes use of a web browser. This means that everything is hosted in the cloud and all your emails are backed up and protected. Hooray for peace of mind!

Google Hangouts

So you want to chat with your GM of sales and marketing, but they’re in another country at a conference. Avoid dropping cash on long-distance phone calls and use Google’s video calling app instead. Google Hangouts can handle both one-on-one or group chats, as well as sync across your devices so you can easily jump between laptop and mobile device on the go. You can share your screen for presentations and tutorials, record your hangout for later, and even live stream to YouTube.

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Google Drive

If there is one piece of wisdom I want to share with every business owner in 2018, it’s this – stop saving all of your important documents on USBs and hard drives! Or worse, on your computer itself. These storage solutions are unreliable, prone to corruption, easily get lost and are way too accessible to thieves. Get on the cloud and use Google Drive. You can access your files from any device, anywhere. You can restrict file access to certain people within your organisation and enable 2-Step Verification for extra security. It also makes sharing individual files to people outside of your organisation a breeze.

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar you can set up reminders, send invitations, schedule appointment slots and keep track of RSVPs easily. You don’t have to worry about calling or emailing your colleagues numerous times to schedule an event, because you can seamlessly share your calendar with them. Google Calendar also has customisable reminders, so you’ll never miss a meeting or deadline again. Sync your calendar with other devices and access it from anywhere.

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Google Data Studio

One of Google’s lesser-known apps, but no less powerful, is Data Studio. Google Data Studio is a powerful tool for turning data into informative reports and dashboards. At Ronin, we use it to create website analytics reports, but you could also use it to present financial data, advertising results, e-commerce sales, social media stats, and more. It also seamlessly connects to Google Analytics and Google Adwords for interactive and dynamic reports based on real-time data.

Google Docs

If you normally use Microsoft Word or Pages to get a lot of your work done, consider shifting to Google Docs instead. You can get by with the free version and it’s perfect for businesses that require collaborative efforts. Any changes you make to your documents are visible in real-time, from anywhere in the world. So you and your colleagues can work on the same project at the same time – there’s no need to email versions back and forth! Google Docs automatically save in the cloud, so you’ll never lose your work, and you can access them from any device (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.).

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