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Good News Stories of the Week - Week II

Good News Stories of the Week – Week II
April 23, 2020 Ronin Marketing

By now, we’re sure everyone could do with a little break from the overwhelming, almost inescapable news updates about the COVID-19 pandemic. When you scroll through your regular news sources, you’re likely inundated with news reporting on the number of cases, the number of countries being struck by Coronavirus, and the number of meters we must stay away from each other. In these uncertain and disconcerting times, give yourself a break and read on to discover some good news that has happened this week.

Every dog has its day, even a dingo

Do you remember the story of Wandi the dingo? Scientists believe he was dropped by an eagle last year and landed in a backyard in Victoria. The unidentified flying pup was taken to the Australian Dingo Foundation’s Sanctuary while waiting for DNA test results. It turned out that Wandi was in the best place possible, as he is a rare purebred alpine dingo. It was here that he was taught how to be a proper dingo, as Wandi was so young when the eagle picked up its takeaway dinner (or so it thought) that he had not learned vital skills from his mother yet. The sanctuary is very happy to report that Wandi is doing brilliantly, and they have decided that he will now play a vital role in the conservation of alpine dingoes. The sanctuary plans to keep Wandi’s genetic line going to further strengthen the dingo population in South Eastern Australia.

Rapid Recycling

The French company, Carbios, has developed an enzyme that is able to break down plastics in a matter of hours. This development, which they plan on using at an industrial scale in just a matter of years, will dramatically change our ability to recycle more materials, more efficiently. This is amazing news for Mother Nature, who is the only one breathing easy right now.

Plastic is not so simple to recycle as there is a lot to the process of breaking it all down. Sometimes, it’s more financially viable to simply make more plastic rather than recycling it. This worrying fact means that for decades, humans have been contributing to the enormous plastic waste problem our earth faces today but this enzyme discovery could be a step in the right direction.

WWII Veteran Takes Helping the NHS in his Stride

99-year-old Captain Tom Moore is not only a WWII veteran, but he is also responsible for raising more than £10M (that’s more than $19 million Australian dollars!) for the National Health Service (NHS) in Great Britain. This trooper decided to raise £1,000 by walking laps in his backyard with the use of his walker. However, this goal was soon humbled by nearly half a million donations from all around the world. Captain Moore’s goal now is to walk 100 laps of his garden before turning 100, which, after showing such a strong fighting spirit, we think he will easily accomplish. He has raised this money to give thanks and appreciation to the many nurses and doctors on the frontline, who are going through an unimaginable experience whilst caring for their country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frozen in time on Fraser Island

Have you ever wanted to be stuck on a desert island? A couple who live as caretakers on Queensland’s Fraser Island have had the luxury (or perhaps for some, misfortune) of experiencing a real-life Robinson Crusoe tale of literally being stuck on an island while they endure the coronavirus lockdown. The couple, who were travelling Australia, took up residence at one of the island’s holiday home resorts as temporary caretakers. However, soon after they settled into their new roles, the island was shut down to tourists altogether.

The island is now running on essential skeleton staff only, and with no tourists to look after, Kevin and Adele Hockey have had no choice but to stay close by to the resort, and only use the beach for exercise or fishing for food. This is certainly not the experience the couple was expecting, but it’s hard to imagine they’d be complaining!

Unlocking Communication

Pseudocoma, more commonly known as ‘locked-in syndrome’ is a terrifying condition that paralyses all voluntary muscle movement in one’s body with the exception of their eyes. Neuroscientists have just developed an incredible AI technology that uses an algorithm to detect and decipher human brain activity, which is then turned or ‘translated’ into English sentences. This incredible leap in technology has just unlocked the potential for solutions to so many ailments. For now, it means that people living with locked-in syndrome can finally and successfully communicate with their families and carers.

At Ronin Marketing, we hope these news stories give you a bit of hope during these uncertain times. It’s nice to know that even with all that’s going on, there is still good happening in this world. If your business needs help getting out its message, get in contact with us to see what the digital space can do for your company.

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