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Spectrum Branding

Spectrum Branding

A brand new company, needed a unique logo to match their service offering.


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The company

Spectrum is a specialised surveying company passionate about helping customers make sense of the world. Using 3D scanning technology, Spectrum maps land parcels with precision, capturing point cloud data used to make models which inform the design of projects.

The brief

Our brief for this project was short and straightforward. The client simply told us to make sure it looked “sh*t hot”.

The design

With creative freedom, our graphic designers drew inspiration from Spectrum’s name, service offering and business characteristics to create the logo.

Experimentation of design began by finding features which could represent both the point cloud and the shape of the letter ‘S’ from the business name. Our graphics team developed a variety of ways in which to incorporate these features such as dots, circles and connecting lines. These shapes formed the base idea for the Spectrum logo.

The next step of the design process was to conceptualise the latest technology used by Spectrum and incorporate it into the design. In partnership with this idea, the design needed to evoke an ‘organic feel’ rather than the ‘tech feel’ so often utilised by the industry. To do this, the Ronin graphic designers used curves, floaty lines and connections between shapes.

With other considerations such as competitor logos in mind, we brought all of our ideas together and tested a variety of colours on each. To fit the brief, and to give the logo character, generic corporate colours such as red and blue were avoided and colours such as aqua and purple were utilised.

The end result

A fresh and unique logo allowing Spectrum to stand out from its competitors.

And if you’re wondering, our client said we had met the “sh*t hot” brief.