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Digital Marketing Results for Brisbane Businesses, and Why It Worked

Digital Marketing Results for Brisbane Businesses, and Why It Worked
May 23, 2018 Jess

If you’re thinking of venturing into digital marketing for your business, we’d highly recommend it.

Although that sounds a bit biased, we promise it isn’t. We know from experience, digital marketing works. At Ronin, we’re passionate about making your business a success. So instead of us telling you why you need digital marketing, we’ll let one of our client’s cases do the talking.

If you’re wondering why you need digital marketing, read on because Door 2 Door’s results speak for themselves.

Is having solid branding and a cracker website important for digital marketing?

Just like a cake cooks but doesn’t rise without rising agents, your digital marketing strategy won’t be a success unless the basics are in place.
This was the case for Door 2 Door – the business had potential, but due to poor online execution, they weren’t getting the leads they desired. That’s why we started by elevating their visual identity. To do this, we gave them a new logo with colours which appealed to the target market in addition to transforming their website. From there we integrated comprehensive social, SEO and content marketing strategies into the mix to get results.

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Does SEO really increase the traffic to my website?

Yes, it does, and with more traffic on your website, the more leads you’ll be able to secure.
We increased Door 2 Door’s keyword breadth through a content-driven SEO strategy.
For Door 2 Door, professional and well-executed content was key. As a result, the business saw an increase in traffic and an incredible 354% increase in the number of keywords in the top 10 of Google search.

Why do I need to be on social media?

With a website designed for the needs of the company and their clients, we started working on Door 2 Door’s social media presence.
We did this by thoroughly researching the target market before designing highly targeted and engaging Facebook Ads.
This specialised messaging allowed us to position Door 2 Door in front of hundreds of Australians and drive quality traffic to the website.

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Will I get results from content marketing?

In Door to Door’s case, they got 814+ leads per month- that’s a 1,507% increase. Since becoming one of our clients, Door 2 Door also has a loyal social media following and more repeat customers.
At Ronin, we know real people value real content, and Door 2 Door was no exception.
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