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Dance Music Pioneers And... Marketing Geniuses?

Dance Music Pioneers And… Marketing Geniuses?
May 22, 2013 Ronin Marketing

Proving just how powerful the web and social media are, promotion for French duo, Daft Punk’s recently released album was left in the hands of their fans.

What began in February with an album cover image revealed on Daft Punk’s website and Facebook page, hype continued over the next few months till finally the album was released mid-May. Fans worldwide spent the three months on a wild goose chase, being drip feed snippets of music, images and details in a matter of twists and turns.

What’s most remarkable about this album release was the role the fans played in creating this overwhelming hype, using the blogosphere and social media to fill in the missing dots with speculation of unreleased information and effectively promote the album for the duo.

Daft Punk avoided any media contact, nor releasing any information themselves, with just the bare facts coming through from their record label. It was left up to the fans to share information across social media and blog about, creating a viral discussion across the internet of speculation and hype.

Attracting even more fascination, the local newspaper of a tiny cotton town in rural Australia, Wee Waa, exclusively announced on April 9th that the worldwide album launch of Random Access Memories would be held at the annual Wee Waa Show in May. The article stated that Daft Punk themselves would not be in attendance.

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Then in another twist, the album became available for streaming on iTunes fours day before the album launch. Not doing any damage to the hype, the rumour mill went into overdrive across online media outlets, blogs and social media all over whether the duo would be at the album launch, but as was first advised, they did not appear.

All in all, the lead up to the album release was an incredible example of online marketing. With the original source, the record label, only releasing the bare amount of information, it was the steam roll effect of fans blogging and discussing over social media that ensured the duo not only remained in the spotlight over the three months, but the whole world couldn’t help but get caught up in the hype of Random Access Memories.