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Cross-channel marketing: Is your business doing it?

Cross-channel marketing: Is your business doing it?
December 8, 2017 James

Open up your Google Analytics, where does your traffic come from? Businesses that don’t pay conscious attention to their acquisition often have a lonely website. Your digital presence should NEVER rely on one single channel.

Digital marketing platforms are so advanced nowadays, that we can reach your customers almost anywhere. Applying a bit of savviness, you can greatly improve sales and lead generation for your business. I’m referring to a marketing strategy not dependent on just one channel. Which brings us to cross-channel marketing…

Cross-channel marketing refers to, funnily enough, marketing across channels. When applied to digital marketing, it means connecting with your customers across all their digital devices. It allows you to engage with people in though ways in many different places.

Business as usual

Open up Google Analytics and look at where your traffic comes from. Most commonly (and we see this not just from small businesses, but large businesses as well), we see web traffic from Google (organic traffic), some from spam sites (referral traffic), and traffic from people who already have the link (direct traffic) which is probably mostly your sales team in the office.

If this is what your analytics looks like, it means that the only way anyone visits your lonely website – the cornerstone of digital presence – is when they search for it on Google. Your digital strategy is solely dependant on one channel.

So what’s the alternative?

All roads lead to [your business]

In the common scenario above, by not using every channel available, you’ve made it difficult for people to find out. By marketing across channels, you create more digital paths to your business. But before we look at how we do it, let’s think about why.

Here are three ways cross-channel marketing improves your marketing:

  1. Economies of scale: coming up with an idea and campaign creative can be time-consuming, so extending across platforms exponentially increases your reach with little more effort.
  2. Campaign effectiveness: research by Nielsen shows that advertising recalls when seen on a tv, computer, smartphone, and tablet increased from 50% to 74% (compared to just on a tv).
  3. Customer satisfaction: don’t annoy your customers by being difficult to find, when you can easily make yourself available no matter what device your customers use.

So, how do you do it?

Social networks:

These are a great place to start. They’re free and your customers are already there (yes, even if they’re accountants, dentists, business owners or niche car collectors). Plus, all serious social networks have apps for every device.

Social networks are a natural way to engage where your customers already are. Knowing how to leverage social media marketing is an incredible source for new customers. And it’s not just about Facebook – platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are all increasing in popularity as well.

Digital Advertising:

Google AdWords is the obvious answer here, but it’s not the only one. Facebook is very effective and is known to be underpriced by industry experts. But why stop there – did you know you can far extend beyond these two?

Both Google and Facebook, and now LinkedIn (and I’m sure many more to come) include ‘audience networks’. Used in the right way, you can target ads no matter where you customers go – in the apps customers use, and on the websites they already visit. Depending on the platform, you’ll even see exactly which site the click came from. How’s that for market research?

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This underutilised channel is often forgotten, which is a shame because it’s so powerful. The ability for subtle branding, or not so subtle promotional offers, is an opportunity that can pay dividends. Professional design and advertising copy here will make your advertising dollar go even further.

Email marketing:

Do you feel your customers forget you too quickly? Email marketing is the perfect channel to stay in touch with your most valued resource – people who have already bought from you.

Like most things, there is a fine art to this. Get it wrong and you could well see your list drain away faster than you can grow it. Make your email about them. Add so much value that – sure, maybe they’re not on the edge of their seats waiting anxiously for it – they should at least be intrigued and curious about what you’ve sent them this week.


You might not use, or have completely forgotten about Google+, but what about Google Maps, or YouTube? Personally, regardless if I’m on a phone or computer, and regardless how many times I’ve called them before, I get almost every company phone number directly from Google Search. Never underestimate the importance of optimising for Google.

Get creative:

This modest list is a good starting point (how many are you doing already?), but there’s plenty more options available. Register on your local reputable directories. Ask your marketing agency for ideas – they might recommend sites like Houzz, or Pinterest, or one of the many lesser known, but just as valuable, ways to reach your customers cost-effectively.. At least, that’s what we do here at Ronin Marketing. If you want more traffic to your website, give us a call.

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