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COVID-19: How You Can Support Your Local Businesses Right Now

COVID-19: How You Can Support Your Local Businesses Right Now
March 31, 2020 Ronin Marketing

Everyone in the country is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic right now, but one of the more heavily affected groups is those people who own small businesses. A lot of large scale organisations will feel the effects of the current health crisis, but most of them have the stability and financial backing to bounce back when this is all over. Unfortunately, most local businesses will not have the same sense of security, so in order to ensure our communities as a whole recover, we must support these small shops, cafes, restaurants and service providers.

Here’s exactly how you can do that:

Grab a Coffee

Australia is a nation full of coffee lovers and most of us at Ronin are also hooked on the stuff. If you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the mornings, head to your local cafe or coffee shop for a takeaway drink. Since people can no longer sit in cafes or restaurants, little orders like these are likely to be the main source of business for local businesses. Obviously everyone can’t afford to buy takeaway coffees every day, but if you do have a little bit of spare cash, treat yourself once or twice a week and help a local business in the process. What’s more, you’ll be getting out of the house for a few minutes and stretching your legs. It’s a win-win!

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Order a Takeaway

In pre-coronavirus times (those were the days) a lot of us would have headed out for a nice meal on the weekend. That, of course, isn’t an option right now with non-essential services being shut. However, takeaway is still an option and most restaurants have adapted to the times by introducing a delivery service. Plan a date night in with your partner, a nice family dinner or perhaps even have dinner with your friends via skype and you can all order in and have a cold beer or a glass of wine- it’ll feel just like a regular Friday night. This will help you to maintain a social life and also support a local restaurant in a time when they’re desperate for customers.

Be Tolerant

A lot of small and local business owners are currently going through the most stressful and turbulent time of their lives right now, so it’s important that as a customer or member of the public, you are extra patient and compassionate during these challenging times. Rather than becoming disgruntled and complaining because you’ve been waiting for your coffee for almost 10 minutes, instead offer a gentle reminder with a smile on your face because chances are, the person serving you is under more than enough pressure as it is. We’re all only human and everyone is doing the best they can right now.

Social Media

If you, like many others, are feeling the financial strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are ways to support your local businesses without having to spend any money at all. Simply sharing the posts of local businesses or, even better, write your own posts or reviews on social media about how great or deserving a business is, has the potential to make a world of difference for that business. With so much time on their hands, people are browsing their feeds now more than ever, meaning an online presence is crucial for small businesses.

At Ronin Marketing, we have worked with countless small and local businesses and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our clients and communities come out the other end of this crisis stronger than ever before. To learn more about how marketing can help your business thrive during these challenging times, get in touch with us today!

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