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Why you Need Content Marketing

Why You Need Content Marketing
June 16, 2016 Ronin Marketing

Great quality, original content is the cornerstone of your digital marketing.

Advertising is dead. It’s dead because everyone is so focused on their Facebook feed or Googling for information, that they don’t pay any attention to someone trying to interrupt them with a sales pitch.

One way to visualise content marketing is to work out all the places your customers are hanging out. Go to that place yourself and make a great impression by demonstrating your expertise. That in turn will drive sales without you needing to “sell” anything.

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But how do you make a great impression?

Think of a great dinner party conversation. Nobody likes a dinner party boor who is constantly big-noting himself. But everyone loves a guest who can speak intelligently and passionately about a given topic. The great speaker, in this sense, will attract people – just like great content marketing will attract customers.

So make an impact with content marketing, you need to harness the content your market is interested in reading or watching by creating your own. If you do it right, you will be found, you will become more known and you will gain more authority in people’s minds.

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Content is a powerful driver for your business

Well thought out and executed content marketing will achieve a number of super-important objectives for your business:
· Connect with your audience and customer base
· Reach out to new markets and consumers
· Set up your position as an expert within your industry
· Help educate your customers of any industry issues
· Address needs and drive sales
· Work wonders for your search engine rankings (SEO) and traffic

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