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The 3 C's of Content Marketing

The 3 C’s of Content Marketing
July 29, 2015 Ronin Marketing

Back to basics – The 3Cs of Marketing

Now that Inbound and Content Marketing have taken off in a real way for both B2B and B2C businesses, everyone is working on finding the secret recipe. Some make the mistakes of over-producing content that isn’t quality, and others spend too much time perfecting quality content that doesn’t get noticed. We need to get back to basics. There are some pretty classic principles to explain why all content marketing efforts need to be guided with skill and strategy.

#1 – Creative media

The type of content that gets noticed is always going to be the sort that stops us in our tracks. Media elements like photos and videos are a must to aid with the retention of a message, but it’s not as simple as slapping in a Youtube link of a cat on a skateboard. You’ve got to make your audience feel something. So rather than write articles about the product or service you’re selling, the most effective strategy is one that creatively presents the solution to a problem your customers face. And it should be something they can identify emotionally with. Don’t just replicate what ‘everyone else’ is doing, take some risks with your content.

#2 – Connection

The only thing better than emotional response is a real relationship that involves the reader. The idea is that content will be better received if the customer feels like they are understood. Studies suggest that over a third of the companies surveyed experienced a better response to personalised campaigns than to mass-market efforts through channels like TV, newspaper and billboard advertising. (Source:

A path to building genuine brand loyalty can be to create content that is meaningful enough to your readers that they stay engaged  to promote the content to others who share similar values. Forbes also talks about the importance of the personalised user experience as personally tailored content. This is a clever tactic that captures a user’s attention and cuts through the rest of the messages that are constantly thrown in their face.  Treat your readers like the real people they are and work to engage in real conversations, rather than simply talking at them.

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#3 – Consistency

Producing consistent content says a lot about your brand. It shows that you have a strategy. It’s also a way to develop your brand voice and, provided your content is relevant and useful, presents you as a trustworthy source of information. The business case for creating content consistently is to always stay front of mind for your customers. And while this can be a time-consuming task to create compelling content week after week, the results show the rewards can be great.

While the underlying principles are simple, the execution requires skill and analysis. Trends suggest that more businesses than ever are pumping out high volumes of content trying to capture as much of their market as possible. However taking the time to work smarter, and use your research to properly define your audience and what they’re looking for will end up yielding much better results.

As Confucius says: “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand”.

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