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Choosing between digital marketing strategies

Choosing between digital marketing strategies
October 25, 2018 James

Many business owners and marketing managers alike are racking their heads trying to figure out the question… which digital marketing strategy should I choose?

The answer is actually pretty simple. Choose the one that gives you the greatest return.

And if you’re not sure which that is, then test different strategies, measure them and find out.

The beauty of digital marketing is that nearly everything is measurable. Sure, you lose some insights when people see your ad on Facebook but Google you the next day instead of clicking, but for the most part there’s enough data to send you mad.

The thing to always remember though is which digital marketing strategy has the greatest value. And for that, you have to try them first.

Choosing between digital marketing strategies

It all works

To answer which is better, without knowing the context, is impossible. Take stock of everything you know, consult with your marketing agency or manager, come up with your best assumption, and then measure it. Leave your opinions and emotions at the door.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is still perhaps the best strategy a business can employ. People will always need information, and most purchases will happen via a search engine or online transaction. But social media marketing is also important. It’s where humans are spending ungodly amounts of time, and how they are increasingly being influenced. Then there is Google Search Ads. Google Search Ads still provide instant arbitrage and an immediate source of lead generation and sales. But if you don’t test and measure these strategies, you’ll never know what creates the greatest value for your business.

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Choosing between digital marketing strategies

Test and Measure

There’s plenty of resources on how to measure your marketing. Google Analytics is essential. Facebook Publishing Tools will tell you everything you need to know about your posts. CrazyEgg shows you exactly where people are spending their time. URL tracking can show you how one ad got more clicks, but another variation sold more products.

Do you have these tools in place? If not, go set them up now. A business must know where its customers come from so they can replicate that success.

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Choosing between digital marketing strategies


Having the data is one thing. Making sense of it is a whole other kettle of fish. I highly recommend everyone who relies on this data to have a rudimentary understanding of the metrics. Maybe that’s not possible. Maybe for some businesses, industries, or management levels, this is not practical. If this sounds like you, hopefully, you’ve surrounded yourself with people who are highly competent and trustworthy.

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself or your trusted advisor:
Where are our sales/leads coming from? How many did we get last month?
Do more people find us by searching for answers, or by Googling our business name?
Which web pages gain us the most website visits?
What type of posts/articles are doing the best? How do you evaluate that?
Where are best opportunities for growth?

Start with these questions and you should gain a clearer idea into how they’re thinking about things. If they have the correct tracking in place and the correct mindset, you’re in good hands. If not, then you’re not.

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