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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency
July 1, 2016 Ronin Marketing

Ok so you need help with your marketing.
Here are some things you need to look for when you’re choosing a digital marketing agency….

You’ve realised digital is where it’s at, but there are so many options, and it’s hard to tell whether the sales pitch will equal the reality. So let’s get real and lay out the stuff you need to be weighing up.
As with any business decision, be prepared. A marketing agency can help you grow your business, but you must know what your goals are. What are you most pressing business concerns? And what do you want to achieve? Having a firm idea of where you want to be and who will be capable of delivering it is extremely important.

Look at their work

If a digital agency claims to have big name clients then no doubt those clients have had huge budgets. So unless your company is as big as Telstra we recommend you take a look at what the agency has done for clients of the same size and at a similar budget to yours. Would you buy their product? If not, it’s probably not wise to trust them with your company

Ask to see real results

Marketers use marketing tricks to persuade you. So don’t be fooled by pre-prepared figures and stats. Ask to see real, raw data from one of their clients and ask them to step you through the process. This will highlight any red flags.

What do you need help with?

Digital Marketing
Website Design
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing

How will your results be measured?

After you’ve seen another client’s results, ask how they will present your results to you. Will you have access to real data 24/7 or will you be fed edited monthly reports? Make sure you find out the depth of what each digital agency is willing to tell you.

How do they make decisions about your work?

A great digital marketing agency makes use of the phenomenal information that the Internet age brings. They look at a range of statistics including click-through rates, scrollmaps, visitor flow, and A-B testing to find out what’s working, what’s not working, and why. Good marketing in the digital age is as much about market research as it is selling, because paying attention to all the metrics is what helps you get increasingly better results. The process concerning your business should be customised to your needs- not just a set schedule of the agencies standard communications.

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What’s their core business?

Some companies build websites whilst others sell AdWords. However by themselves, these things do not make a strategy. Real marketing agencies have at their disposal a wide range of tools to achieve the best results for you. They’ll be able to tailor their business to your needs and goals to make your company stand out.

Find someone who gets you, and understands business

Your business is important, so you need an agency that gets you. Along with this, make sure you take a look at their credentials. They need to be able to demonstrate that they know both business and marketing principles- not just technology.