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Businesses take Action Against Climate Change

Businesses take Action Against Climate Change
November 3, 2018 Clare

What do you do when your government fails to recognise climate change? You take the situation into your own hands and put out a general call for like-minded businesses to do the same.

Salesforce has set out to fight climate change by creating the Step Up Declaration in conjunction with Mission 2020 at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco just last month. The declaration aims to harness the technology and innovation that has surfaced during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to decrease carbon emissions across all economic sectors. Salesforce’s pledge has inspired twenty other companies, including HP, Uber, Lyft and Autodesk, to sign up to the Step Up Declaration, and expedite their own targets to reduce emissions. During a time when the Trump Government is scaling back initiatives to combat climate change, independent businesses are rising to the challenge instead. And we think it’s bloody brilliant.

Salesforce’s pledge

Businesses play a role in fighting climate change on an everyday basis. Utilising technological advancements to reduce carbon emissions is a positive step forward.

As part of the Declaration, Salesforce has committed to the following:

  • Achieving 100% renewable energy by 2020.
  • Incorporating green building practices into their real estate strategy. Including the consideration of energy performance, sustainable building materials and blackwater recycling systems, to name a few.
  • Getting on board with Science Based Targets (an initiative by CDP, the UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and WWF) aimed at keeping the global temperature increase below two degrees Celsius.

Pushing companies to aim for more impacting climate change solutions

Salesforce isn’t just looking at internal solutions, either. They’re partnering with their top suppliers to ensure that these companies are also setting targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2025. Salesforce is hoping that by leading the way alongside these other twenty companies eager to take action, other businesses will follow, assuming responsibility and getting involved in fighting climate change too.

Inspiring individuals to put pressure on heads of state

The ripple effect Salesforce wishes to attain isn’t just limited to businesses, either. They want to inspire individuals to renew their attempts in pushing government officials and heads of state to increase their efforts towards meeting the Paris Agreement by 2020.

Joining the movement

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Businesses play a role in fighting climate change on an everyday basis. Utilising technological advancements to reduce carbon emissions is a positive step forward.

Large corporations and even small to medium sized businesses can certainly have an impact on climate change. By being informed, striving to reduce our carbon emissions and supporting influential people fighting to bring about change to regulate our environmental impact, we can make a difference. Here are just three simple things that you can do in your workplace to reduce your carbon emissions and support Salesforce’s movement towards taking action.

1. Go Paperless

This is by far the most popular method of achieving a ‘greener’ workplace, especially in recent years! Transferring all your files to digital means more room in the office, better time efficiency when searching for documents and contributing to slow down deforestation.

2. Get creative with reclaimed materials

Not all of your office furniture needs to be purchased from fancy shops. Yes, ergonomic chairs are important. But consider getting a little hands on and making your desks, sideboards and coffee tables out of reclaimed wood. It’s a great team activity and shows off your office creativity while also utilising existing materials rather than buying new.

3. Sort out your trash

We don’t just mean your recyclables from your general waste. There are many ways to get down and dirty with your rubbish! Separate your soft plastics from hard plastics, your paper from your glass, and your compostables from your general waste. It takes a small amount of extra effort to dispose of your recycling thoughtfully, by taking things that can’t be processed by household recycling pickup, such as soft plastics, to the Coles REDcycle bins. Furthermore, does your office have a coffee machine? Reuse the grinds in your garden! Or set up an office composting system. It’s fantastic fuel for any plant babies hanging around your desks.

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Here at Ronin Marketing, we’re proud to say we carry out the above actions wherever we can to assist the fight against climate change. We even work off tables made with recycled wood from old warehouses after their demolition and built by our Founding Director, Kurt Schubert. We know that these are only small steps towards resolving a much bigger problem. But we’re keen problem solvers and aim to constantly reassess our environmental impact and come up with new ways to reduce our emissions. Hats off to Salesforce for encouraging and inspiring other businesses to lower their footprint too.

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