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Bullet Journaling for Business Owners

Bullet Journaling for Business Owners
February 5, 2018 Amber

If you’ve been around Instagram or Pinterest of late, you’ve probably noticed #bujo popup. But what is bullet journaling? Why has it taken the social world by storm? And how can bullet journaling help you tackle the world of business ownership?

As much as I have both feet firmly planted in the digital world, there’s something about online calendars and to-do lists that just don’t work for me. I’m always drawn back to pen and paper diaries. Unfortunately, finding a diary that will accomodate the crazy and ever changing world of #mumlife and business ownership was an impossible task. And then, I came across bullet journaling…. I was sold!

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What in the world is bullet journaling?

If you haven’t seen a bullet journal, or have zero idea what I’m talking about, check out this video. It gives you a super simple introduction to bullet journaling and how versatile it is. There are no rules!

I’m not going to go into specifics of how you should get started here. One quick Google or Youtube search will unlock the world of bullet journaling for you.
Instead I want take a look at how I use my #bujo and how it has benefitted my organisation and planning both at work and home.

How I bullet journal…

For me, having one double page spread where I can see everything I need to know about over a week is a massive advantage. Each morning, I start my day with a coffee and my bullet journal page for the week. My layout has space for any appointments, meetings, school activities, exercise, meal planning for the week.

At a glance, I know what I have to work around on any particular day. I also have a ‘large’ space for an ongoing to do list, where any and every task lives. I have experimented with one list for the week or individual to do lists for each day. For me, having one ongoing list works best as I don’t have to re-write tasks when a day doesn’t go as planned.

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Pro tip: use symbols!

I find the general bullet journal style symbols and icons super handy. I can easily see where each task is at, which tasks are urgent, what sort of tasks or activities they are and whether they have been actioned, are partly completed or done and dusted.

Bullet journaling: the one stop, tailor-made scheduling solution.

You may be saying to yourself at this point – “but isn’t that what a diary does?” and you’d be correct. However, I love the flexibility in creating a layout that suits me as I need it. Over the holidays I don’t need space for to do lists, but I do need more space to plan awesome activities and noting down accommodation or booking details – so I just draw up a different layout.

Another aspect of the bullet journal that I find very helpful in business is the ability to just add a page for, well, anything. I want to take meeting notes, done. I want to jot down budgeting or cash flow planning, I can just make a page for that. I’d like a section to collate marketing ideas, thoughts and inspiration, done. Using the page numbering and index system along with these cute book darts, I can quickly and easily access find what I need quickly and easily. Gone are the days of asking myself, “Where did I put those notes?” Knowing that everything is in the one place has eased a lot of the mental pressure of needing to be all over so many aspects of your business.

Finding any sort of work/life balance can be really tricky when managing a business. Personally, I like that I can mould my bullet journal to work as both a work and personal diary as well as a note taker, to do list, habit tracker and cash flow chart. I have even created pages dedicated to books/films I want to see, family activity ideas and personal goals. Bullet journaling helps to bring a degree of balance to my pretty chaotic world.

We get that business (and life) can more often than not feel like a juggling act. If you have too many balls in the air and need a hand, contact us!