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Say it with a filter: Instagram and brand image

Say It With A Filter: Instagram and Brand Image
June 14, 2017 Clare

Despite what people may think, Instagram isn’t just about hashtagging everything with #bikinibabe and waiting for the likes to roll in.

It’s cultivating your brand image by generating original, visually consistent photographs. It’s about engaging your audience with aesthetically captivating images and tweaking their interest with short, snappy copy. Hashtagging is just one part of a massive pool of resources that Instagram provides to increase your brand engagement. Here are a few tips on how to make your businesses Instagram epitomise your brand image.

Choose a distinct style and stick to it.

Having a visually consistent profile will give your audience a clear idea of what your brand is about before they even read your description. To do this, you need to have a theme. For example, our client Adagold Luxe heavily feature over-saturated blues in their Instagram images. These often appear in photos of resorts, clear skies and crystal oceans. Already you can tell that this company deal in luxury travel experiences.

Adagold Luxe Instagram

Adagold Luxe use the same hue of blue throughout as a theme on their profile, generating a brand image that exemplifies luxury travel.

Many companies choose to maintain visual consistency through using the same filter for every photo. But colour is not the only way you can manage this. You could make all of your photographs minimalist, executing control over negative space. You could give them all a white background, generating a clean, crisp theme. If your business focuses on one product, it could become your main theme, photographed in countless different locations. Many Instagram accounts are made solely of flatlays. The possibilities are endless. But you need to pick one and stick with it to instil your audience with a clear idea of what your brand is about.

Take your own photographs.

Original content is absolutely vital in the long run for your brand to be taken seriously. Regurgitating other people’s images will only get you so far. And if you don’t do it properly you can also run into a whole world of copyright issues. You may rake in the likes by consistently regramming from other accounts, but if you’re trying to sell your brand and a specific product, it won’t generate relevant, shareable content. Taking appealing, engaging photographs of the services your business provides, and the products that you sell is an important marketing aspect of your Instagram. Yes, it’s about creating a general vibe for your brand and what it’s about, but it also involves having a platform to share your product on. And if it’s presented well, it will get regrammed.

Califia Farms Instagram

Califia Farms use a monotheme; displaying their products in different situations with original photographs to encourage sharing by other instagrammers and market these products.

The time issue.

People don’t often realise how time-intensive the upkeep of a business Instagram page is. Especially when you’re taking your own photographs. Have a scroll through your personal feed. How many times do the businesses you follow post? We’re guessing at least once a day. That means you need to take a decent photograph that’s in line with your theme, edit it, write succinct but catchy copy for it, find relevant hashtags, tag relevant locations and accounts (if you feature other products or people) and post it. Before you know it, an hour or even two have flown by. And this isn’t even including the liking, commenting and following that you should be spending time on every day to increase your account’s engagement. Make that four hours. Do you have four hours every day to spend doing this?

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Queue, content creation specialists.

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