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Blog Series: Good News Stories of the Week- Week III

Blog Series: Good News Stories of the Week- Week III
May 8, 2020 Ronin Marketing

During the time of the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named, we’ve been trying to bring you some positive and upbeat news stories in order to remind you (and ourselves) everything isn’t all doom and gloom. We’re back for the third week of our ‘Good News Stories’ blog series and these stories are definitely some of our favourites yet! Read about them below:

Australian Scuba Divers on a Mission to Save the Reef

With Australia’s tourism industry pretty much at a standstill, the many boats and scuba operators who offer tours of the Great Barrier Reef are now out of action. However, instead of bobbing idly in the water, at least five different companies have committed their time, resources and equipment to working alongside scientists in a reef restoration mission.

This mission sees the divers actually planting new coral on the Great Barrier Reef and creating “nurseries” where the coral can grow and regenerate. What’s more, the new coral has been fused with parts of the old coral in order to also help revive the existing coral.

Captain Tom Moore Reaches Number 1 on UK Charts

Remember how last week we told you about 99-year-old Captain Tom Moore who raised £10M for the UK NHS by walking laps in his garden? Well, he’s in the headlines once again, only this time it’s as a music chart-topper!

He has now set the record for the oldest person ever to have a UK no.1 single with his charity cover of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, alongside Michael Ball. What’s more, artist The Weeknd whose song was also in the running for no.1, tweeted urging people to support Captain Tom Moore instead.

A Taxi Driver Travels 15,000 Kilometers for Free

A Spanish 22-year-old taxi driver named Kepa Amantegi has driven an Italian student named Giada Collalto, who is also 22, on an epic repatriation journey- for free!

When her university closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Giada booked a flight to her home city of Montebello in Italy only to be told later she couldn’t fly. With all public transport cancelled and all hotels shut in Spain Giada had nowhere to go and no means of returning home. Taxi driver Kepa was a friend of a friend who offered to rescue her. He drove 9 hours to pick Giada up and another 9 hours returning to Montebello in Italy where they both live. What a modern-day knight in shining armour!

A Tasmanian Postie is Keeping her Community Connected

There are around 5,000 people in quarantine in the North-West of Tasmania and Jocelyn Flint works a postal route considered to be one of the Coronavirus ‘hotspots’.

Source: ABC News (supplied by Jocelyn Flint)

Jocelyn has now taken on the extra duty of not only delivering letters but also boxes of wine, flat pack beds, asthma puffers, medication and packets of biscuits to residents who are unable to leave their homes.

“We couldn’t do without her … because she’s the only person we’re seeing in isolation. A lot of people rely on her pretty much”
-Ms. Willie, a Tasmanian resident

A 12-Year-Old Inventor Saves the Day for Healthcare Workers

A teenager in Canada has come up with an ingenious invention to prevent healthcare workers from getting ear pain during long shifts where they need to wear masks for protection. He came up with a design and began printing his creation on his 3D printer (yes, that’s right, he’s 12 and he knows how to operate a 3D printer).

12-year-old Quinn Callander was inspired to come up with the invention when his family friend, who is a health care worker, explained her ears were becoming raw and painful from the medical masks. We’re certain this simple gesture is going to make a big difference for a lot of people!

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