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Benefits of Standing Desks

Benefits of Standing Desks
September 2, 2015 Ronin Marketing

Standing desks are becoming the new in-thing in the workplace due to recent medical studies saying sitting down all day is a health hazard.

Obesity, diabetes and chronic back pain are just some of the health problems that are being linked to sitting down at your desk for long periods of time.

Find out if standing up could be the new way of working that’s right for you

Health Benefits

Standing desks are said to alleviate soreness in your back and tailbone since your spine is straighter, and you’re less inclined to hunch over your keyboard. Users reported that posture and core strength were noticeably improved by using a standing desk. To ensure your posture is correct when using a standing desk check your eyes are level with the top of the screen, viewing distance is 40 – 75 cm, wrists are straight and elbow angle is 90° and close to the body.

Better Productivity

Apart from the reported health benefits of switching from a sit-down desk to a standing workstation, there are lots of other pluses. Those that used standing desks on a regular basis said that they felt more alert and were less likely to doze off than when sitting down. Energy levels were also a lot higher, so productivity remained steady rather than slumping off in the afternoon. They also were more likely to incorporate some extra exercise into their day by taking the stairs and walking at lunch time.

Better Communication

The elevated viewpoint of a standing desk also encourages more engagement with colleagues than it does if sitting at a desk hidden from view behind a partition. Verbal communication was found to be higher, as users said they could talk more easily with people and the amount of time spent on sending emails for simple questions was reduced.


Things to Consider When Using a Standing Desk:

  • People with back, leg or knee issues should consult their doctor first before using a standing desk
  • If your legs and feet hurt, consider an anti-fatigue mat and having a pair of comfortable shoes on hand
  • It’s difficult to eat lunch at a standing desk, so don’t even try
  • Everyone can see you, all the time
  • Sitting or standing for extended periods, in general, isn’t good for your health so take a break and mix it up

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