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How to Become a To-do List Ninja

How to Become a To-do List Ninja
November 13, 2017 Carly

I quickly learnt that everyone at Ronin are ‘to-do list ninjas’ when I went around our office and asked everyone their personal productivity hacks.

Before we delve into how the team uses their to-do lists, I just want to note how important to-do lists are for mental decluttering. How many times a day does your brain nag you about a certain task or deadline coming up? Imagine if you could take that information out of your brain and store it elsewhere.

Introducing to-do lists! If you make them for all of your tasks, life admin, annoyances and deadlines, just think about how much space that would free up in your mind.

Meg says: make sticky notes your best friend

Meg is obsessed with two things in life – tea and sticky notes. She loves using sticky notes for everything and it helps her to plan out her days/weeks and allows her to brain dump any information.

Added bonus? You get to scrunch up a sticky note once you have finished with it. It is surprising how good that can feel.

Wanting a more eco-friendly option? Use the Stickies app (found in your Launchpad) if you have a Mac or ColorNote Notepad for PC users.

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Erica says: have a physical to-do list next to you

I have never seen Erica without a handwritten to-do list on her desk. The girl is obsessed and for good reason! There is nothing like putting pen to paper to plan out your day and there is especially nothing like putting pen to paper to cross out a completed task. Physically crossing out a completed task is pretty much the less-embarrassing version of giving yourself a high five.

James says: identify your ‘fast tasks’

Losing momentum? Doing a ‘fast task’ instantly ups your motivation. James, our Google expert, draws little lightening bolts next to ‘fast tasks’ (i.e. anything that would take less than 5 minutes to complete). If James finds himself losing motivation throughout the day he stops the task that he is doing (usually analyzing data, no wonder he needs a break) and does a ‘fast task’.

The idea behind the ‘fast task’ is similar to the making your bed idea. By completing a quick and easy task (and getting to tick it off your to-do list) you get that hit of dopamine that re-energizes you.

Do you feel like you have more of a to-do list than you have time in the day? Don’t fret, we have the perfect solution for that – US!

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