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Facts about 21st Century B2B Marketing that’ll make you more sales

Facts about 21st Century B2B Marketing that’ll make you more sales
September 25, 2015 Ronin Marketing

Let’s talk B2B Marketing.

Today your audience is online. Yes they may still go to a trade show, and maybe you’ll trade business cards at a networking event, but they everyone is online.

Today, your website is your business card, your content is your flyer, and customers will have formed opinions about your business before you even shake hands.

The most dramatic change in the B2B world is the introduction of inbound strategy and using social media to engage with your audience. “But my customer is a business,” I hear you say. So what? It’s still run by people, isn’t it?

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The way we conduct B2B sales has changed mostly because we need to conduct business in a way that has lower financial risks, and is more transparent and trackable. What modern, digital B2B sales has given us is the ability to track and analyse the behaviour that leads to an impression or conversion.

Before, we’d try cold calling or direct mail. Then you’d try a hail mary like a billboard or ad. And if it didn’t work you could gather data with a survey and pray people answered honestly. Now we can be so much more strategic about our audience. Through social and email you know exactly who you’re talking to and what interests them. And if they not responding, we have behavioural data to examine what engages them to continuously improve our message and our sales strategy.

All of this adds up to huge possibilities for businesses to improve their lead generation and sales funnel using digital tools. The infographic below outlines some statistics that are enough evidence to suggest that B2B sales are changing and you need to keep up.


Facts about 21st Century B2B Marketing that’ll make you more sales | Ronin Marketing | Brisbane


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