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Avoiding Business Burnout: Why You Need to Take a Step Back

Avoiding Business Burnout: Why You Need to Take a Step Back
November 17, 2017 Kurt

There’s no doubt about it, running a business is tremendously stressful and exhausting (especially in the lead up to Christmas). Business owners are uniquely prone to being at the center of high-pressure situations.

Whether you’re putting out fires, fielding employee dilemmas or waking up in the middle of the night to replay certain scenarios and calculate your next best move.Most business owners never think about the huge consequences burnout can have for their business. We invest a little in coping measures – like coffee, prescribed-medications and the occasional weekend escape – but, typically, we don’t address our problems until it’s too late.

Here’s what business burnout can cost you…

When you let yourself run on empty for too long, it takes a lot to fill your tank back up. You can’t just take a day off, order UberEats, and fall asleep in front of the TV. Burnout can have a serious effect on your health, finances, relationships and business.

For example, studies show that continual stress can actually change the neural circuits in your brain. If your cortisol levels are continually too high, your brain will produce less new cells, and you’ll start getting holes in the cell walls, causing them to rupture and die. This leaves you more prone to mental issues like anxiety, depression and addiction, and also negatively impacts your decision-making process.

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Some of the warning signs of business burnout can include:

  • Reacting to things too quickly, instead of listening, analysing and considering the situation. This is particularly dangerous because your actions dictate company results.
  • Running on Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Tylenol. Headaches are a tell-tale sign that you’re overextending yourself.
  • The Ping Pong effect – feeling like you’re constantly bouncing between tasks or having problems thinking straight and taking control of your mental to-do list.
  • Deteriorating vision, hair loss, weight gain, pacing and sleeping difficulties.
  • Being short tempered with your employees or family. Irritability, cynicism and frustration are good for no one.

What can you do about it?

The first step is to stop wearing your workaholism like a badge of honour. Unplug from your business for more than a few hours, and do it regularly. This means setting boundaries, such as turning off your cell phone, delegating tasks, setting certain times for checking emails, and scheduling downtime into your calendar.

  • Know your stressors and create a strategy for overcoming them.
  • Look after yourself. When was the last time you had a massage or a blood test? Stressed people are often low in essential vitamins and minerals without even knowing it.
  • Start a creative side project. It’s good to focus your energy on something fun for a change.
  • Learn how to communicate clearly. Resolve conflicts, don’t run from them.
  • Stop multitasking and hire a PA or a marketing team if you need one. The “do it all” attitude can only get you so far.

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