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When Vanity Metrics Can Turn Actionable and Vice Versa

When Vanity Metrics Can Turn Actionable and Vice Versa
March 1, 2018 Jess

Vanity metrics are like the drunk person you meet in the bathroom of a club. They tell you things that make you feel fabulous, but deep down you know they’re just saying those things because they’ve had a few too many vodka, lime and sodas. Like the way they tell you you’re the best dancer in the whole world, vanity metrics can convince you that your digital marketing is on point when it really isn’t.

But, we’re here to tell you that vanity metrics are not all bad! That’s right, just like you can become best friends with drunk people you meet at the club, you can make your business’ vanity metrics work for you.

Dig into the data

We’ll be honest, most vanity metrics should be chucked out with the dirty laundry. But, there are some you can save and use to your advantage. When you dig deep enough into vanity metrics, there is actionable data to be found. Information including bounce rates, where traffic came from, and conversion rates. All of this information can be combined and used to your advantage to make improvements to your website.

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Use your followers to your advantage

We all know most of the numbers that make up vanity metrics on things like Instagram and Facebook can be bots. But some of them are real people, liking your page in the hope to boost their followers. So why not market to them? You never know, it could help you turn those vanity metrics into actionable leads.

But what about the other way around? Can the actionable metrics you’ve worked so hard for turn into vanity metrics? We are sorry to say….but yes, absolutely!

Actionable metrics turn into vanity metrics when they aren’t cared for properly. For example, you can lose your audience to vanity metrics when there is:

  • A lack of consistency in interaction
  • A lack of consistency in what you are sharing online
  • A lack of focus on the type of content you are sharing
  • A lack of quality content produced with purpose
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Digital marketing is a long-term game!

For actionable metrics to stay actionable, you need to:

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